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Instagram has finally decided to change it’s old, “vintage” looking logo in favor of a more modern, simplistic approach. The previous logo Instagram operated under was iconic, but it looked like it belonged in the world of 2012, with the rest of iOS 6, and Android 4.4 KitKat. Over the years the design language of operating systems has changed drastically, from a lot of shiny 3D effects, to a more simplistic, “flattened” approach. Apple, Google, and Microsoft started this movement, with many of their competitors and developers catching on. Now, after 5 years, Instagram has finally updated itself into the modern era of design.


Previous Instagram Logo (Left), New Instagram Logo (Right)

Ian Spalter, Instagram’s new head of design, asked the employees of the company to draw their previous logo, using flash memory in 10 seconds so they could get a sense of what was burned in to everyones’ memory. The results showed that most remembered the rounded square of the app icon, the circle of the camera lens, and surprisingly the small little viewfinder in the top right corner, which is essentially what we got in the end, just with a colorful gradient background. They chose the gradient background because of the beloved rainbow above the ‘Insta’ text of the old logo. Another reason was to make it pop out of your home screen to make it much more noticeable compared to all the other dual-toned icons out there.


Besides the logo itself, Instagram also changed it’s app as well, featuring a black and white UI, designed so the pictures can pop. Much like the strategy they used on the icon. It takes a while getting used to, but in the end the app does look pretty nice. The navigation and how the app works is all the same, just with a new layer of paint on top of it. The update is available today, and Instagram has also taken the liberty to do the same with Layout, Hyperloop, and Boomerang.

Source: Fast Company



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