Oppo R7 Leaked: With A Fingerprint Sensor


 The upcoming Oppo R7 isn’t a surprise by now, we’ve seen plenty of leaked photos already but we haven’t seen the Oppo R7 Plus. Now things have changed however.

As you can see in the picture above the Oppo R7 Plus seems to have a significantly larger display compared to its smaller sibling with smaller bezels as well. There also seems the R7 Plus comes with another feature as you can see in the first picture it may come with a fingerprint sensor as well.

Both R7s should be revealed this month at a press event, but we don’t know if this phone will be available anywhere outside China. 

Either way these bezel-less smartphones will interest many including us. Make sure to stay tuned to what happens next with these bezel-less handsets.


Daniel Tan

Daniel Tan is the founder of dltMediaGroup and serves as as the Editor-In-Chief as well as Host of the dltReviews YouTube channel. He got interested in technology at a young age, and enjoys sharing whats happening in the fast-paced world of consumer electronics. Aside from technology, he also enjoys comics, and watching movies.

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