New iPods finally get unveiled… But does anyone even care anymore

iPodFamily-NewColors-PR-PRINT-2-1280x968New iPods, since 2012 we haven’t seen a refresh in the line and everyone thought it was dead. It seems the iPod has revived then, and Apple must see potential in it’s iconic lineup to even touch it again. There aren’t much changes done though, heck, for the Nano and Shuffle variants we only see some updated colors, which are a brilliant hot pink, champagne gold, a dark blue, and the classic space gray and silver.

For the popular iPod Touch line however, things are a bit different. Not only do we get the new colors as featured on the Nano and Shuffle variants, we get more under the hood performance to match up with the specs of the iPhone 6. Starting out with a processor upgrade to the 64bit Apple A8 chip with a M8 motion co-proccessor, the camera has been bumped up to a new 8-megapixel sensor which is indeed a step up from the previous 5-megapixels provided on the previous generation, There is also a new 128GB model for $399, in case you do need that much storage, which in my case I do, alongside that we have the base model for $199 at 16GB, a 32GB model fro $249, and finally the 64GB model for $299. It also supposedly comes with an upgraded front-facing cam, along with the same 4-inch display that came with previous versions. Apple also decided to remove the stupid loop that was on the bottom left corner of every iPod, so now we may finally rejoice the removal of this hideous feature.

All iPods are now available on the online Apple Store here, or in Apple retail stores near you.


Daniel Tan

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