Misfit Shine Review: A fancy fitness tracker

So what exactly is the Misfit Shine, if you don’t already know it is a fitness/ sleep tracker, which tracks your steps, your distance walked, and even your cycling all the way down to how much calories you burned in that day. It is also waterproof up to 50 meters which is a good thing because this is a fitness tracker after all. But… Thats not all it is also a sleep tracker which means it tracks how long you’ve slept, and how long you were in each stage of sleep, which by the way are awake, light, and restful. It also shows you a graph which is color coded in order to show you which stages of sleep you were in throughout the night.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 6.34.17 PMNow lets move on to the design, one of the Shine’s main selling points. I say that because in the world of fitness wearables we often see too much cheap materials being used, and here on the Shine we have an awesome design with great build quality. The Misfit Shine itself features an almost Unibody aluminum design that feels like a soft pebble you would find on a beach. It comes in a wide variety of colors, we have the Gray model here in case you diddnt know. On the top of the device it might seem very plain, but a double tap will activate the hidden LEDs in order to show you the time and then your misfit activity points, which you can of course change that with the use of Misfit’s official app. Now this isn’t perfect as it usually doesn’t work on your first, second, or even third try, but it’ll work… eventually.

Over on the sides its finished off with some nice looking chrome, which is silver on all color models by the way. It definitely adds some more style to the device which is a plus in my book. It also haves a groove down through the middle, in order to put the shine in multiple types of accessories. The accessories included in the box of the Shine are a rubber sport band and a magnetic clasp. Of course there are way more options you can choose to buy separately, like the Leather band options, a couple necklaces, a couple other band options, and a metal mesh which is basically like the millines loop on the apple watch.

On the back we have a misfit logo in the center and a 12 symbol up on the top to show you where you should align it while putting it onto a strap. The back cover is also removable mainly to get to the battery, but you’ll need a special tool to open it up, which misfit includes with the packaging by the way. The battery is a stanaerd 3volt cell battery which misfit claims lasts up to 6months which is great, because there is no need to charge it every night.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 6.35.33 PMSo lets move on to the app, its just labeled as misfit in the app store and google play store and the ui is pretty simple. There are 4 bars up on top, home displaying your miles walked calories burned, steps walked, along with your sleep cycle when you scroll all the way down. Next is the social tab which is where you can connect with your friends who have a misfit shine and “compete your goals and what not” i diddnt really care about that, that much though because I don’t really compete with my friends for fitness much at all. moving on the next tab is where you can set up your device, it shows you the state of the battery, its where you sync the misfit to get your data and all the setting you need to power this device. the other section is your profile, where you enter in your info if you want to participate in the social section but you don’t need to worry about it if you are not going to use the social section.

So Daniel how much is this going to cost me, well the retail price used to be $99 but they have since dropped the price down to $69 to make it just that much affordable. Well is it worth the 70 dollars then? Well, if your the sporty type of person and would like to see how you do whenever you go out for a jog, or if you’d like to see how you sleep, then sure if you got the money go for it. If not i don’t think you really need it because you can do some mediocre stuff with your phone to track your fitness although it may not be as accurate, its good enough.

Buy Here: http://misfit.com/products/shine#buy-now

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