LG announces Quick Cover case for the unreleased G5

webpiclgg5case2What came first, the smartphone or the cover? That’s the question LG is hoping to answer with it’s new Quick Cover case designed especially for the upcoming LG G5. Although LG’s 2016 flagship smartphone has yet to be unveiled, it doesn’t mean they can’t show off some cool accessories of the phone while we wait, and that’s exactly what they did.

LG states in a blogpost on PR Newswire that the new case offers previous QuickCover features with some added ones to enhance your smartphone using experience. A new feature announced is the “touch function”, which was recently released with the Quick Cover View of the LG K10. This is incorporated into the G5’s Quick Cover with the semi-transparent mesh material being used, enabling users to do things like answer or decline phone calls and setting alarms without having to open up the cover itself. LG also basically gave away a new feature of the G5 in this post as well, mentioning that a rumored “second screen Always-on-Displaywould allow users to check time, date, and notifications through the transparent window, leaving us to very excited as this may mean that we may finally see an AMOLED display on an LG flagship. The case will have a unique film along with a glossy finish complementing the look and feel of the G5 which is still unknown, but is likely to have a more premium metal construction compared to its previous plastic counterparts.

Even though this case does not reveal much, its a small sneak preview to what we will hopefully be seeing on February 21 at Mobile World Congress where the LG G5 is expected to be announced. Meanwhile, take a look of these pictures of what we’re expecting from this years LG flagship.



Source: LG Electronics USA


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