Leaked images of the Oneplus 3 emerge

9846815egw1f3tne8c61hj20hs0dc3z1Ever since 2014, OnePlus has made a name for itself by offering high quality flagship smartphones at a very affordable price. Both the OnePlus One and Two had great industrial design, but were burdened with plastic, although they offered a variant in which the plastic was textured very differently than what we’ve ever seen, dubbed “Sandstone”.

With the release of the OnePlus X, OnePlus decided to ditch the mostly plastic design, instead using premium materials, with rounded glass on both the front and back, sandwiched by an aluminium-magnesium alloy with ridges to make it easier to grip.

Ever since the launch of the X, we’ve suspected OnePlus’s next flagship should follow the trend of using premium materials, and from what we see from these leaked images, that’s exactly what we got.

As you can see from the pictures down below, we have a new unibody aluminium design, which is pretty reminiscent of some Huawei and HTC smartphones of days past, but still look nice either way. The back is also slightly rounded, and the front includes a design very similar to that of the X, with a squared off, rounded piece of coverglass, except this time with a fingerprint sensor, which was found on the Two. There seem to be no chamfered edges on the sides this time around, but we still have the USB-C connector at the bottom paired with a speaker and 3.5mm headphone jack. OnePlus’s signature alert slider makes a comeback as well found on the left side, and the volume rocker and power button can be found on the right. There is nothing over on the top this time, as the headphone jack has been moved over to the bottom, and this new slate black color does actually look very nice as well.

Source: Android Authority


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