Apple’s new Macbook Pro is here, and starts at a whopping $1,800

mbp13touch-space-gallery2-201610_geo_usWe all know Apple’s premium charge on it’s products, and although one can argue if their prices are justified, we can all agree Apple makes some stunning high quality products. Whether they are worth or not is up to you. With that said the new 2016 Macbook Pro is no slouch, it is a beatutifully designed piece of hardware, thin and light, with some new pretty cool features such as the new “Touch Bar”, a touchscreen OLED display where the old function, escape, and power keys were located. It also carries an extreme price bump as the previous generation Macbook was $1,299 and the new 2016 Macbook Pro with touchpad starts at $1,799.


The 2016 Macbook Pro lineup

Before we start getting into detail lets go over the fact that Apple released a couple models in their Macbook “Pro” lineup. The Macbook Pro with Touch Bar and Touch ID are the main models replacing the previous Macbook Pro, which comes in 13″ and 15″ sizes, and starts at a $1,799 price tag compared to the previous price of $1,299. Whereas the standard Macbook Pro without Touch Bar is a replacement for the Macbook Air, and comes in only the 13″ size, and starts at $1,499.

These 13″ Macbooks do have their differences although the design is completley identical. The standard model comes with the traditional function keys, without the new Touch Bar and the Touch ID sensor, and also misses out on the amount of Thunderbot USB-C ports as the standard comes with 2 and the Touch Bar model comes with 4. While we’re on the subject of the USB-C ports, these will be the only ports you will find on the new Macbooks excluding the headphone jack, which means no standard USB ports, HDMI, SD Card slots, and Magsafe charger. The Touch Bar model does also have a slight spec bump, which will most likely be unnoticeable.

The 15″ model comes with a dedicated graphics card which is an awesome upgrade, and all models are rocking Intel’s 6th gen Skylake CPUs not the new 7th gen Kaby Lake processors which we will most likely be seeing in next years update. The new macbooks are actually thinner than the previous line of Macbook Airs with the 13″ model coming in at 14.9mm and the 15″ model coming in at 15.5mm thin. These laptops are also suprisingly light as well being only 3-4 pounds. The new Macbooks are a great new addition to the Mac family, with a price point hard to justify.

The Macbook with Touch Bar will be sold later on next month, and the standard model has already gone on sale today.

Source: Apple


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