Android 7.0 officially named “Nougat”

After much speculation and rumors, Google has finally unveiled the name for the next version of Android in their statue unveiling ceremony. Android 7.0 is now officially Android Nougat! This news comes after Google released the developer preview of the new OS at Google I/O this year and announced that fans could submit suggestions online which has led the internet to suggesting every single dessert starting with the letter N. It seemed Nutella was a very popular choice, although Google probably didn’t want to pay for those licensing fees.

The developer preview is currently in its fourth version, and is expected to be released to the public later this summer. Some of the new features of Android Nougat are Splitscreen multitasking, instant apps, which allow users to use an app without even having it installed, Daydream, Google’s new VR platform will also be included although it will only be available on supported devices, some UI changes like the new notification bar and settings app, and improvements to features like dose will be included as well.



Daniel Tan

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